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Pelbagai cara mempengaruhi manusia

Saya percaya kebanyakan pembaca pernah mendapat email yang mengatakan anda terpilih memenangi duit berjumlah sekian banyak kerana email anda telah terpilih. Atau ada juga yang mengatakan yang mereka memerlukan bantuan anda bagi menunaikan wang yang ditinggalkan oleh si polan yang telah mati.

Yang terbaru, saya menerima email seperti di bawah. Perhatikan pengirim menggunakan petikan terjemahan ayat AL - Quran bagi mempengaruhi pembaca.

Assalamu Alaikum:Mohsen Amdan

Your e-mail address came up in a random draw conducted by United    Kingdom Islamic charity Organization which picked by a little girl.
This directed to my chamber to inform you,Barrister Robert Clerk,    Chambers in London. (Attorney General of United Kingdom Islamic   Charity Organization)

are hereby giving this charity work to you outside  United Kingdom,   with your good effort and trust ,the Holy Qur'an,  Chapter 39, Verse.38.
United Kingdom Islamic Charity Organization,Donated this fund    (GBP10,040.000.00) which is Ten Million and Forty Thousand Pounds    only, should be donated to any a random draw winner  came up with his    or her name,outside UK {Overseas.}
We have made a random draw and your name and e-mail address was picked    as the hard working trustee to this, for the charity work, which   your  choose by the faith we have in Allah.

Trust is known as as-Salihin in Islam and the following Quranic verses    emphasis its importance: Do not devour one anther's wealth by false    and illegal means" Surah Al-Baqarah verse 188 "Allah does command  you   to render back your trusts to those to whom they are due Verily,  how   excellent is the teaching which He (Allah) gives you. For Allah  is He   who hears and sees all things." Surah Al-Nisa verse 58 A trust  is a   legal obligation that comes into existence when an individual  or other   legal entity (known as the settlor) transfers the legal  fund to work   of his assets to another person or persons (known as  the trustees)  to  hold not for their benefit but for the benefit of  the disabled,motherless,deaf and dumb etc around the world,  beneficiaries  who  cannot be here by their self  individuals. The  trustees become  the  legal worker of the trust assets once the assets  are transferred  to  you, hereby the beneficiaries, charity and  disabled people, become  the  beneficial member of the trust assets.  Simply put a trust and  prove  your hard working, held by one party  for the benefit of another.

I urge you to contact us for further details bearing it in mind that    you, allowed to put a claim to this fund to start work, takes effect    immediately according to terms and conditions in the trust deed.You    decide on the terms of the distribution and these are not subject to    personal fund.
There is no limit as to the amount you can place in a trust and your    charity work can be anyone, Muslim or non Muslim alike.
As we are governed by the Trustee Act 1949 and the terms of the Trust    deed.We will manage and administer the trust assets independently  and   in accordance with the law.

The trust fund will be utilized only for intended purposes and    beneficiaries.Your assets and monies will be professionally managed.    At as-Salihin we offer Trustee services which are truly Islamic and    comprehensive in the following areas: Education ... Maintenance  ...    Charitable.
Wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh,in the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most    Merciful. All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and    blessings be upon you His Messenger.
Find Attached Your Winning Ticket Below.

Barrister,Robert Clerk Esq.

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